It can be used alone or blends with Essentials oil or mix with other carrier/base oil or use for cold processed soap or lip balm making.

Disadvantages: Produced by hot (the raw material is heated beyong 70 degrees to extract the oil), therefore it is not as pure as some other oils May also undergo solvent extraction, thereby increasing the risk of sensitising the skin.

It comes in either 50ml or 100ml




Grapeseed  (Vitis vinifera)
Country : Spain
Method : Hot extraction/solvent extractionAdvantages

  • finely-textured
  • smooth and not grainy or sticky, flows freely
  • high in linoleic acid (a poly-unsaturated fatty acid, essential to thebody and good for helping prevent heart disease)
  • contains linolenic and oleic acid
  • contains some vitamine E which helps theoil keep for longer.
  • protect/nourishes the skin
  • an inexpensive oil with no odour
  • it has slightly astringent properties
General:  keep away from children.  Keep away from temperature exceeding 74degrees and store out of contact with direct light. DO NOT take internally. If skin irritated, stop using it and consult a doctor.

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