DIY Lips Balm


Want to DIY lips balm for yourself with natural ingredients? Here you go! The following is the recipe of lips balm which you can make it yourself at home .

You can purchase some of the ingredients from our e-store or other e-stores which you can find.


  1. 5g of cosmetic white beeswax
  2. 5g of cocoa butter
  3. 5g of shea butter
  4. 5ml of organic coconut oil
  5. 1 softgel (400UI) of Vitamin E oil (optional)
  6. 0.1g of pearl white cosmetic mica colour (safe for even pregnant women)
  7. 2 – 3 empty lipstick tube (4g) ( As the above recipe is able to make two to 3 tubes)

Put 5g each of cosmetic beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, organic coconut oil and 1 *softgel Vitamin E oil (optional) into a small pot/container and double-boil till all melt. After which add in 1g of pearl white cosmetic mica colour if you desire. Stir well and pour into the tube. Let it cool down and you can use it almost immediately.  The shelf-life is about 3-6 months.

We hope you have enjoyed making one yourself. However, if you do not wish to DIY. You can get it from our affiliate website at Europe ( Do not worry, we will charge you in Singapore Dollars if you stay in Singapore. Just send us an email or contact us.

P.S. Vitamin E softgel, you need to poke it in order to squeeze the oil out from the softgel.